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Chris "Physiques of Greatness" Jones


Justin Renfrow 14 weeks transformation:

“I don’t even know where to begin. The transformation I was able to make working with John went way past what I thought would be possible. John does a great job communicating and helping you understand the changes that are being made and why. He’s incredibly open to questions and really encourages you to voice and concerns that you may have. Once you start seeing the results, you have less and less questions. If you’re serious about getting in shape, John will help you. He’s become a good friend and mentor as well. I really can’t say enough positive things about the experience. I’m now starting to reverse my diet in hopes of adding some quality muscle to a frame that I can finally be proud of. If I was able to make this big of a change in 4 months, I can’t wait to see what another 6 months to a year will bring. When I get on stage, watch out. Thanks, John” - Justin Renfrow


Courtney Church (10 weeks out)

I have had nothing but a great experience under John's guidance. I started working with John after my first contest leading into my second show because I was disappointed in how my old coach handled my prep. From the very beginning John made me feel welcome, I could sense that he actually cared about his client's. I came in much sharper for my second show and I have now been working with him for the last 6 months. The muscle gains I have obtained in such a short time frame speak volumes for John's knowledge. I am currently prepping for my next show in April, but through John's advanced bulking routine I was able to put on more muscle this past off season, while staying at a lower body fat percentage. I used John for my reverse diet, bulk and now our first real prep together. I highly recommend John because he is always quick to respond and puts the time in to make sure each of his clients have the tools needed to be successful. John keeps me motivated each week and I know with him on my side I have no choice but to take my physique to the next level.


Scott McLelland

I first contacted John after my first show of 2012 where I ended up having a bad experience with prep, peak week and my coach. Before throwing in the towel for the competition season, I contacted John and told him I was either going for my fitness model pro card or nothing. John got back to me within minutes and had me sending him photos that day. With only 2 weeks until the pro qualifying show, most coaches fear taking on a body they know nothing about. John was confident that with his help, I would be walking away with a pro card. John had me feeling 100% better within only a few e-mails of talking. He went above and beyond anything I would have expected from a coach. He stayed in contact with me daily and had me sending him photos very often to keep a close eye on my body. I went into the pro show with more confidence then before and John was a big reason for that. Prep and peak week went great with John, and I'm happy to say I won my pro card. I'm looking forward to a productive offseason with John and having him behind me the entire way next time. With only 2 weeks of prep together last time, I can only imagine what result will come with a full season!!

Greg's first show win!

Greg Farris:

I started off my contest prep 24 weeks out from my show back in 2012. I had only been training seriously for a 1-2 years, but thought it was a good time to get lean and see my progress. Being young (21) I definitely have hopes of becoming a pro one day and was looking to compete to get my feet wet and see my weak points.

With it being my first show and not having a coach. I posted a few pictures on John's Facebook page to try and get some feedback regarding my progress/conditioning. That's when John sent me a personal message, essentially telling me he thought I had potential and was willing to help me out with my prep. After finding out a little more about his philosophies I was in.

John really helped me go from "lean" to "contest prep shredded" which is a huge difference. We saw eye to eye on many things such as meal frequency, flexible dieting, training philosophies, and supplements. This, along with John's willingness to adjust things based on how I was feeling made us a great team. One of the things I really liked about John was always asking me questions about how I was feeling with the changes to diet and training, it wasn't a dictatorship. Another thing that many competitors overlook is the psychological part of prep. This being my first show I had many ups and downs when it comes to motivation and confidence. For me, John had the biggest impact talking me through those tough times and being there for support. John's knowledge of nutrition, training and also being a real person who listens to his clients makes me great for most people.

Finally, here is a photo of me at my first natural bodybuilding competition. We definitely brought the conditioning! Not to boast, but not many first time competitors come in this lean. I ended up winning my first ever show, which was my goal. Next time I compete I'll be gunning for that pro card Thanks John!

4 - Greg Farris after

Before After

Andreas Andersen:

At the time I contacted John, I was a bit skeptical about hiring a coach to do my contest prep but after just one week I knew I had made the best decision ever. 
In the 16 weeks I have spent so far under John's supervision I have made more progress than I would have ever thought possible! And the results really speak for themselves. He made everything easy, especially in regards to the diet. There is no set meal plan I have and MUST follow each and every day like you will see so many other coaches provide. With John, I can pick and choose from whatever I feel like and want to eat, so it does not even feel like I am dieting. 
He is the truly the best online trainer possible - not only is he very reliable and extremely quick to respond to emails and queries, but he is also so helpful and takes the time to help you with whatever you might have on your mind. 
The most important thing he has taught me is to believe in myself, he showed me the importance of self-belief and will power. When I am in doubt or when I am going through some real low points he believes in me and encourage me to keep pushing. He has been with me every step of the way and works hard to make sure I am on point, even though he has a very busy schedule. I can't thank John enough for everything he has done for me so far and I am so grateful to be able to call him my friend. If you want results John is the guy to go to.


16/12/2012 05/03/2013

Dan Reis (8 week timeframe)

"Being a personal trainer myself, I thought I had a good grasp of training and nutrition, until I decided to hire John to do my 2013 fat loss diet. I've gotten lean-ish in the past but no way near as lean and as strong as I am now. John really has made an impact in my life! He quickly learns how your own body works and makes the right adjustments each week whenever necessary. His way of keeping calories as high as possible is a great approach too as well as following flexible dieting which has really helped me to stay on track of my macros and keep me sane!! Having someone there guiding you through your training takes away A LOT of stress from your life and gives you more sense of confidence towards achieving your goals bang on time, John has been doing it very well with me so far. I am so pleased with how I look that I've had many thoughts about competing in a natural competition in the UK this year, however, due to the current circumstances in my life, I've decided to do it next year. John has made me realise how far I can go and how well I can actually look.

Best investment I've ever made. I feel that I've learned more from John than I have in educational courses with regards to Personal Training. Look forward to the next few weeks and future coaching with John. If you have the dedication and desire, hire this man, HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU!"

week 0-9

Stephen Anstett (8 week timeframe):

I contacted john after hearing about how great he was from Marc Lobliner. I was coming off a "failed bulk" that quickly turned into binge eating on fatty foods. I knew I needed help with nutrition and training so I figured what do I have to lose right ? John responded to my email almost immediatley and a week later my journey had begun. One aspect that I was quite surprised of was how high john kept my calories, and how he would periodically raise them from time to time as well. Not only did he help me achieve a physique I had always dreamed of, but he taught me a lot about nutrition, and training that I can use later on in life to reach my goals and or just to live a healthy lifestyle. The biggest factor that makes john unique , is his communication. Any question I had a long the way,[ believe me I had a lot of questions] he would answer almost immediatly. I believe that is what sets apart a good coach from a bad coach. Along these few months he has not only been a marvelous instructor, but has become a good friend. I am greatly looking foward to this off season with john , and one day winning a bodybuilding competetion ! Cheers to the future !


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