REPORTING INSTRUCTIONS. During competition prep you will be in constant contact with John on a daily basis to report morning weight along with other important details of how the prior days have been going. You will send John pictures once per week (2-3 times or even more), or upon request, which may be sooner towards the end of prep. What the trainee is going to do is email John every Saturday or Sunday morning with his progress report. This is mandatory, other contact is fine and encouraged, email John whenever you want, but John always must have the weekly update emails no matter what. YOUR SUMMARY. In every email report make sure to send John your workouts, macros, weigh ins, and the adjustments he made. Remember, this is a collaborative effort, your plan changes and evolves based on how your body responds. The more detailed information you give John the better John can assess your progress, make the necessary adjustments and to help you in any way John can. WEIGH INS. The way John likes to do this is by evaluating daily trends over the weeks. Weigh yourself daily, nude, after urination, before you eat or drink anything, right after waking up. This will give very consistent conditions under which we track your weight. Feel free to provide observations and thoughts, but don't stress the fluctuations, they are for us to interpret alongside the rest of the information you'll provide. Obviously, you will need to get a digital scale if you don't already have one. Log in your daily weigh ins in the excel spreadsheet report. PHOTOS. Also John will need pictures of you weekly while bulking/cutting/contest.prep. or the program choosen; front, side and rear. Make sure to use the same camera, the same spot and same lighting conditions. Full body pics. MISC. *Beyond these weekly updates, any and all other contact is welcome just make sure all questions are in one email for ease of communication and organization. John will respond within a 24 hr time period to all emails.

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